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Performer Requirements

"What does it take to become a children's entertainment performer? What is expected of me?"


Here is a rundown of what is expected once you are complete the application.

The Audition

After your application and photo is submitted and reviewed, your application will either be pushed forward and invited to audition or rejected. 

Accepted: We will email you from with audition information. Your audition will be done on a zoom call. If applying for a character such as a super hero or a princess you will receive Q&A questions to answer in character. Princesses will be given a song to sing. All character applicants will be given a song to dance to.

Immediately after the audition you will be offered a position via email if we think you will be a good team member.

Team Member Expectations

You are now an official children's entertainer! Wonderful! Now what all is expected?

Parties range from 30 minutes to 2 hours with the most popular option being one hour long. Pay is $80/hr per performance time only. If a gig is 20 miles away from Home Base gas will then be compensated.

Although the gig itself is one hour one job can take 2-4 hours of your day depending on where the gig is.

Team members are expected to meet at Home Base for every gig. Once you arrive you will change into costume and do a rehearsal. At first rehearsals might be an hour to an hour and a half. The more experience you have the less rehearsal time will need needed. Rehearsals then will be cut to 20-30 minutes. You are also expected to do your own practice at home to prepare.

You are then expected to drive to the gig and back to Home Base after your gigs are complete for the day to drop off everything.

All costuming and wigs are provided! All party materials are provided! However there might some things you will need to provide!

Princesses are required:
Must provide and complete makeup upon arriving to Home Base. False Eyelashes are required as well as foundation/concealer.

Your own footwear. We can provide links to what we recommend.
Nude tights - matching your skin tone. We can provide links to what we recommend.

Super Heroes/Mascots:
Appropriate underclothes. Mascot recommendations: Short sleeve or tank top shirt, shorts, socks, tennis shoes. Some mascot feet are more comfortable with your shoes. Some just with socks.

Apply here!
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