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Live Mermaids

Our Mermaids love to come to the shore to shellabrate special occasions! She can attend land events (Dry Events) or pool parties! When Booking a Mermaid she comes with the her clam shell! Current Mermaid Looks we offer are shown. Requests for color palettes are encouraged however, those bookings must be a minimum of one month in advance.

Walking Mermaids

This option is more budget friendly. This type of mermaid can walk around freely, similar to our other characters. This mermaid can NOT go in the water. This option does not require a mermaid handler. This option is best if you are in a crowded venue or if you prefer the character to be able to interact more freely. If choosing this option, please select a Princess Party package. When choosing your character please type "walking mermaid"

Swimming Mermaids

Our Swimming mermaids are perfect for the realistic mermaid experience! They will always come with a handler. Our mermaids are perfect in the pool and can also do dry events as well. Our mermaids are transported on wheels. Please make sure your event is accessible for this to keep our mermaids safe upon arrival/departure. If choosing a swimming mermaid please a Swimming Mermaid package. When choosing your character please type "swimming mermaid"

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