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FAQ Pricing Questions

How do I book an event?

Please click “Book Now” to submit all necessary information required. Booking is not considered confirmed until we have responded and deposit is paid.


How do I pay the deposit? How much is it?

We require a 50% deposit upon time of booking. We take deposits by Credit Card.


How do I pay the remaining balance? Can I pay in full upfront?

The remaining balance is due 48 hours before the event with card.

If it is more convenient for you, you may pay the full balance at the time of booking.

I need to cancel my event. What is your refund policy?

The deposit is non-refundable. You may use it to change your date! This includes, sickness, weather, and any other unforeseen circumstance.


Should I tip the performer? How much?

Tipping our entertainers is never a requirement though it is always appreciated. An appropriate amount is what you see fit.

FAQ Party Questions

Where should I have my party?

Our princesses attend both home birthday’s and birthday’s at public venues. When planning your child’s party be mindful of other entertainment values as well. If there is too much going on our princesses may have a hard time entertaining.


What do I need to provide for the princess?

Our princesses come with needed materials. To make things flow easier please provide:

  • Place for princess to sit during Storytime

  • Table and at least one chair if doing Glitter Tattoos or crafts.

  • Water to drink

  • Please be mindful of party volume while princess is entertaining


When should the princess arrive?

It’s best to have the princess arrive at least 30 min after the party starts. This is to make sure your party guests arrive beforehand.


When should we do cake/presents?

It’s ideal to do cake within the last 10 min of the princess’s time. Please have this ready. If you need to do cake while the princess is not there, that is fine as well. Just let us know in advance.

If possible hold off on presents until the princess leaves.


I saw a performer at an event and I loved them! Can I request the same performer?

You may request a specific performer. While we will try to accommodate the requests, Performer requests are subject to availability depending on scheduling.


Countless magical memories!

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